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40th Anniversary Celebratory Online Exhibition

our 40th anniversary online E - exhibition

This Exhibition brings together the membership of the Cotswolds Art and Antiques Dealers’ Association in our 40th year and puts forward their stories alongside fine examples of their specialist inventories in this online, page turntable and printable exhibition catalogue. - please click the link below to view

This online exhibition represents, in our profession, a fresh modern approach to presenting fine art and antiques linking interested clients directly to the CADA dealer and their expertise across the wide range of specialities represented in our association; this is a first and I hope you find an item or two of interest - if nothing else there are some surprising insights into the personalities within the trade and sage advice on how to start a collection

I very much hope you enjoy the catalogue and thank you for your interest in all that we do

With kind regards Alex   Mr Alex Puddy Chairman CADA

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