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A Tea Journey: From the mountains to the table

CADA member Mark Goodger of Hampton Antiques is to curate a collection of tea caddies for the forthcoming exhibition "A Tea Journey: From the mountains to the table" at Compton Verney.

Visitors will follow the tea leaf from plant to pot, beginning with its roots in Chinese culture through to its adoption and appropriation into British society.

The exhibition will raise questions about what the humble cup of tea has evolved to represent in international, social, philosophical and visual cultures.

A Tea Journey will combine rare, historic tea ware from China, Japan and India with responses by contemporary artists.

We are so proud to be invited to curate a collection for this "A Tea Journey" exhibition, as far as we know this is a first that tells the whole story.

It will be a must visit for all tea enthusiasts and collectors. The shop will also have tea caddies for sale, so please make time to visit this wonderful house and all its treasures.

A Tea Journey: From the mountains to the table is open from Saturday July 6 to Sunday September 22, for further information visit the Compton Verney website

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