Persian Mehraban Rug

Persian Mehraban Rug
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This Persian Mehraban rug was made in the Hamadan district in the northwest of the country. It was woven by a village weaver in  around 1920.

As is typical of rugs from this area, the weave is dense and the rug therefore has a fairly heavy handle.

The field design is formed by three interconnected large flower heads and a corresponding chain of cartouches filled with tree like structures on either side of the central axis. These are reminiscent of cypress trees. The main border on a red ground has a meandering design, as do the two minor borders on a blue ground flanking it. The ground colour of the field is a lively pink; this is a distinctive feature often found in these village rugs and is naturally dyed.

The rug is woven in wool on a cotton foundation and is in very good condition.

Height: 193.00cm (75.98 inches)
Width: 107.00cm (42.13 inches)


Very good condition


Circa 1920



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