IGUANODON - Bryan Kneale MBE RA b.1930

IGUANODON - Bryan Kneale MBE RA b.1930
Offered by: Architectural Heritage
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Frame height 100.00cm [39.37 inches]
Frame width 81.50cm {32.08 inches]

Conté on Paper
Circa 1990

Collection of James Helzer

A Conté drawing for the stamp series 'Great Britain: Owen’s Dinosauria' The original artwork for a stamp series conceived and developed to celebrate the anniversary of the Palaeontologist Sir Richard Owen. Owen entered the world 'Dinosaur' into English language as part of his title for a lecture at the British Association Advancement of Science on Friday 30th July 1841.
This version of 'Iguanodon' was not selected for the final stamp issue for 'Great Britain: Owen’s Dinosauria' issued in the UK August 20, 1991 and 'Dinosaur Bones' issued for the Marshal Islands in 2015.

Height: 71.50cm (28.15 inches)
Width: 55.00cm (21.65 inches)


Circa 1990

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