Antique Northwest Persian Moghan Rug

Antique Northwest Persian Moghan Rug
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This antique Persian Moghan rug is a village rug dating to around 1880.

Its field design is a repeat of seven rows of three botehs facing to the right and to the left in alternating rows. Each boteh is surrounded by a corona of small flower heads. Interspersed between the botehs are various symbols, notably the comb, a two-legged animal reminiscent of a dragon and a multitude of lying 'S' shapes. The vibrancy of the colours, all naturally dyed, is enhanced by the fact that the patterns are placed on a white ground.  The simple, bold main border on a red ground is flanked by two minor borders on a dark brown and yellow ground respectively, both decorated in the so-called "crab border" design.

In Iran, rugs on a white ground are often associated with weddings. It is impossible to say whether  this is the case with the piece in hand, but there is no doubt that this rug has  real presence.

The integrity of this village rug lies in the quality of the wool and dyes and in the originality in the execution of a known design.

The rug is worked in a fairly loose weave, with between two and three wefts in the woolen foundation, and wool the material used for both the pile and the foundation.

It is in very good condition, a great example of village weaving.

Height: 250.00cm (98.43 inches)
Width: 124.00cm (48.82 inches)


Excellent condition


Circa 1880



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