Antique Northwest Persian Long Rug

Antique Northwest Persian Long Rug
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This antique northwest Persian long rug was made towards the end of the nineteenth century by a village weaver, possibly a member of a Kurdish tribe.

The field is formed by three hooked concentric lozenges set on a deep red ground with a nice variation in the colour called abrash.  At the bottom of each lozenge is a pair of inward facing chevrons in yellow, blue and green. These colours are repeated in the rest of the field in varying combinations.

Along the diagonals of each lozenge is a smaller diamond with protuberances. For possible links to Kurdish rugs as discussed by James D Burns see our website at .

Lying S shapes, four-and-one motifs and  curious domed squares and rectangles with a checkerboard design and a "handle" - possibly amulets? -complete the decoration of the field.

This is enclosed by two reciprocal borders around the main border with a so-called "serrated leaf and calyx" design. This type of border is typically found in some Kurdish but also Anatolian and Caucasian rugs.

The rug is woven with soft wool and deep, saturated colours. It is in excellent condition, with a small patch at the bottom of the field and only two or three rows of knots missing in parts of the bottom end.

It would be a gladdening addition to anyone's home.

Height: 288.00cm (113.39 inches)
Width: 116.00cm (45.67 inches)


Excellent condition, one small patch


Circa 1890



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