19th-century Kurdish Jaf Bag Face

19th-century Kurdish Jaf Bag Face
Offered by: Legge Carpets Ltd
Dealer reference: jaf1


This 19th-century Kurdish Jaf bag face dates to the last quarter of the century.

Like another, complete, bag on our website (see https://www.christopherleggeorientalcarpets.com/products/view/antique-kurdish-jaf-bag/), it has an all over field design of concentric diamonds which are arranged in a lattice. And like a lot of Jaf bags, this weaving has beautiful, deep colours and lustrous wool. The motif of diamonds is repeated in the white-ground border enclosing the field, albeit on a small scale, but in the same colour combination as the centre.

The original brocading is intact at the bottom end and partially retained at the top end.

The bag face is a genuine example of tribal weaving. It is woven in wool on a wool foundation and is in very good condition, with some corrosion in the black, which is in keeping with age.

Height: 61.00cm (24.02 inches)
Width: 61.00cm (24.02 inches)


Very good condition


Circa 1880



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