Stoneware Savings Bank dated 1875

Offered by Prichard Antiques
Stoneware Savings Bank dated 1875
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Stoneware Savings Bank dated 1875

C. 1875 England
Offered by Prichard Antiques
Signed/Inscribed1875 Height18.50 cm
7.28 inches
Width17.50 cm
6.89 inches
Depth10.00 cm
3.94 inches
An agate glazed slipware Money Box modelled as a Scottish chest of drawers. Bold yellow and brown swirls cover the surface (except the base). "Savings Bank" is impressed into the top front of the chest, which has black knobs and escutcheon details, with the date 1875 written in black slip on the base moulding. No makers name, but it is possibly from one of the potteries that flourished in Burton-in-Lonsdale in the 19th century or from the Halifax area. It is in exemplary condition, the odd corner of worn glaze only a sign of its age.


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