Rare Rosewood Games Box

Rare Rosewood Games Box
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Rare Rosewood Games Box

1550 to 1650 Sri Lankan-Portuguese
Height13.70 cm
5.39 inches
Width48.30 cm
19.02 inches
Depth48.10 cm
18.94 inches
A rare Sri-Lankan Portuguese Rosewood Games Box; late 16th/early 17th century; the whole box is profusely carved with various motifs, including two combative lions facing each on the top of the box, and a double headed eagle on the bottom; the inside of the box reveals a backgammon board in ebony, teak and rosewood marquetry. The box measures 13.7cms high, 48.3cms wide and 48.1cms deep.


Two similar boxes are illustrated in Pedro Dias, O Contador das Cenas Familiares, Porto, 2002, p 52-53. There is also a box of similar style in the Palace of Sintra, near Lisbon, collection number PNS2963


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