Period of MING DYNASTY (1368-1644)
Ming Blue and White Kendi

Ming Blue and White Kendi
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Period of MING DYNASTY (1368-1644)
Ming Blue and White Kendi

C. 1600 China
Late Ming c1600 - Wanli - Blue and White porcelain kendi with white metal mounts (all probability Silver)
Excellent colour painting and decoration of a kendi which was made for the middle eastern market. It is painted in panels which alternate between either auspicious flowers or precious objects
Kendis were based on a Persian metal ware shape and were drinking vessels like the modern day Sangria pourers. The market for Kendis to begin with was predominately with in Islamic communities in the Middle East, India or the small community in China. With the East India Companies of the Netherlands and Britain some came to Europe where they were seen as exotic
The silver mounts have been added later later


Single owner collection in Britain


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