Period of QING DYNASTY (1644-1911)
Mandarin Civil Rank badge

Mandarin Civil Rank badge
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Period of QING DYNASTY (1644-1911)
Mandarin Civil Rank badge

C. 1890 China
Height27.00 cm
10.63 inches
Width28.00 cm
11.02 inches
Chinese mandarin rank badge from the civil service 6th rank. The badge is of an Egret from the front of a woman's robe.
Embroidered in couched metallic thread including gilt thread to show the bird facing a sun perched on rocks in a turbulent sea. The back ground of flowers is more a nod back towards the badges of the 18th century
The sixth rank civil servants were in positions that included tutors and secretaries at the Royal Academy, Police magistrates, Secretaries in various Imperial offices, Astronomers, priests and law secretaries.

Typical of the badges of the end of the 19th century and a very good example of type


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