Mahogany Military Chest

Mahogany Military Chest
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Mahogany Military Chest

C. 1850 England
Height39.00 inch
99.06 cm
Width39.00 inch
99.06 cm
Depth20.00 inch
50.80 cm
A low mahogany Campaign Chest with an earlier form of flush brass campaign handle.

This is an earlier campaign chest than most that come on the market. It has original iron carrying handles to the sides and the drawer handles are of a type you associate with the first half of the 19th century. The drawer fronts have a cock beading lining cut into them and the linings are made of pine or deal. The removable foot is a plain conical shape. We were lucky to have an almost identical chest recently that belonged to Lieutenant RT Goodwin, the Fort Adjutant at Asseerghur that allowed us to date it to 1848.

This chest has the standard width of most chests from the second half of the 19th but is 3 or 4 inches lower in height. Mid 19th Century.

The carrying handles add 2 inches to the given width, making it 41 inches.


Departurte of the 6th


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