JOHN STEVEN DEWS (born 1949)
'Crackerjack,' The Swan Regatta off Hern

'Crackerjack,' The Swan Regatta off Hern
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JOHN STEVEN DEWS (born 1949)
'Crackerjack,' The Swan Regatta off Hern

1949 to 2017 England
Signed/InscribedSigned Height76.20 cm
30.00 inches
Width101.60 cm
40.00 inches
This painting depicts the Swan European Regatta of 1993 and the sweeping deck lines and beautiful curves of the Swan 46s. In particular, the highly successful Swan 46, Crackerjack, owned by Mr Keith Miller, is seen closing on Eclipse as they sail for the mark on a course just south of Herm, in Guernsey.

Known for his maritime paintings, John Steven Dews is an acclaimed marine artist. Painted in the realist style, Dews’ ability to capture the movement and ferocity of the ocean is fully realised in this beautiful painting.

Dews’ depiction of historical boating events is a typical and much-loved subject for him, and this painting reflects that passion. The contrasting of the crisp white foam and the deep blue water reflect Dews’ attention to detail.


Private Collection, United Kingdom


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