Chess & Backgammon Box Set

Chess & Backgammon Box Set
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Chess & Backgammon Box Set

C. 1890 England
Height1.75 inch
4.44 cm
Width18.00 inch
45.72 cm
Depth15.00 inch
38.10 cm
A mahogany boxed Chess & Backgammon Set.

The folding board of this set is made of mahogany with veneers of box and rosewood for the squares to the outside and box and ebony for the backgammon markers to the inside. The set has associated boxes of chess pieces and counters. The Staunton pattern chess pieces are made of boxwood and ebony. The height of the king is 3 1/4 inches. The turned counters for playing backgammon and draughts are also made of boxwood and ebony.

This board is fairly typical of the late 19th century and would probably have been sold separately to the playing pieces. There is some splitting to the veneered squares but this is not unusual. Late 19th Century.

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