BRIAN SHIELDS Also known as BRAAQ (1951-1997)
School Playground

School Playground
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BRIAN SHIELDS Also known as BRAAQ (1951-1997)
School Playground

C. 1970 to C. 1997 United Kingdom
Signed/InscribedSigned 'Braaq' lower right Height7.70 inch
19.56 cm
Width10.60 inch
26.92 cm
Like with the majority of his oeuvre, in School Playground Shields has created a very atmospheric work. Using a simple palette of grey, white, brown and black the artist has recreated the dull, cold ambient light of a winter’s day and the fogginess of the industrial North.

As is typical with Shields, all of the action unfolds along the horizontal of the painting, distorting any sense of natural perspective, a technique which he often used. This concentrates the viewer’s eyes on the children playing in the foreground, a memory of the artist’s childhood.

The somewhat simplistic and highly stylised method Shields has employed to paint the figures in this work is reminiscent of Laurence Stephen Lowry ‘stick men’. Combined with the plain palette this painting reminds the viewer of Lowry’s depictions of Manchester and Salford. Interestingly, the Liverpool Echo went so far as to name Shields the “Liverpool Lowry”.


Gifted to the present owner circa 1984;
Private Collection, United Kingdom


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