Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat robe

Offered by Legge Carpets Ltd
Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat robe
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Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat robe

C. 1900 Bokhara Uzbekistan
Offered by Legge Carpets Ltd
Height130.00 cm
51.18 inches
Width180.00 cm
70.87 inches
Ikat weaving is an extremely complicated process in which the silk warps are tie-dyed in separate batches for each individual colour and then woven with the weft in either silk or cotton to produce these stunning designs.
This Chapan, which would have been worn as the outer layer over several layers of clothing, denoted the wealth and high social standing of its wearer. It is quilted, with a silk warp and a cotton weft, and lined with Russian printed cotton which is attached to the robe with a bias-cut band of striped fabric. In order to avoid wasting the precious material, Chapans were usually made of straight lenghths of Ikat in one loom-width, with only a few trapezoidal panels sewn on to add volume.


For an excellent publication on Ikats see the Textile Museum's volume accompanying the exhibition of the Murad Megalli Collection which took place in Washington, D.C., from October 16, 2010 to March 13, 2011: Sumru Belger Krody, Colors of the Oasis. Central Asian Ikats. Washington, The Textile Museum 2010.
A wall hanging made up of almost identical lengths of Ikat is published in Fitz Gibbon, Kate & Andrew Hale, Ikat. Silks of Central Asia. London, Laurence King Publishing, 1997, Pl.114, p. 211


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