Elizabeth Harvey-Lee

HENRY VAN DE VELDE (1895-1957)
Tropon (1898 Belgium)


HENRY VAN DE VELDE (1895-1957)

Width 202.00mm wide [7.95 inches wide]
Height 310.00mm high [12.20 inches high]

Description / Expertise

Original four colour lithograph,signed in the stone with the monogram.
Issued in Pan, 1898. With their text lines at the foot of the sheet.
A reduced version, for Pan, of the poster advertising the Tropon food supplement,
a protein processed from eggs.
Van de Velde was appointed director of Tropon’s advertising and graphic design in 1898.
One of the originators of the Art Nouveau style, Van de Velde initially studied painting at the Antwerp Academy and in Paris, returning to Antwerp in 1886. He joined the Brussels avant-garde group Les Vingt and increasingly influenced by the English Arts & Crafts movement, he abandoned painting for the decorative arts, interior decoration and architecture.
He was one of the instigators of the ‘Art Nouveau’ style, a term first coined in Belgium to describe the works of Les Vingt.
His poster for the German food manufacturer Tropon is an icon of art nouveau style.