Elizabeth Harvey-Lee

JAN BOTH (c.1615-1662)
Ponte Molle (1642 to 1648 Netherlands)


JAN BOTH (c.1615-1662)



Width 275.00mm wide [10.83 inches wide]
Height 198.00mm high [7.80 inches high]


Trimmed to the platemark. A little cockled at the edges.

Description / Expertise

Jan Both spent about three years in Rome, 1638-1641. After his return to Utrecht he was the main pioneer of Italianate landscape in 17th century Holland.

Ponte Molle
Bartsch 5 I/ii, Hollstein 5 iii/vi
Original etching, 1640's. Before the signature in the plate, before the plate number and before a publisher's address. As issued by Jan Both for his series of six 'Landscapes of the Environs of Rome'.
Watermark: Fool's Cap.

The Roman Pons Milvius, now called Ponte Milvio or Molle, carried the ancient Via Flaminina across the Tiber. It still stands today, though partly rebuilt, and is now the bridge in Rome where love pledges are padlocked to its rails.