Catherine Hunt Oriental Ceramics

Period of MING DYNASTY (1368-1644)
Ming Blue and White Porcelain Censer (1573 to 1619 China)

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Period of MING DYNASTY (1368-1644)



Diameter 21.00cm [ 8.27 inches]


From the collection of Mr and Mrs Dennis and bought from William Clayton 3rd may 1972. I have seen the original receipt


Overall very good. Small discoloured firing flaw along the luting line.

Description / Expertise

Late Wanli - Ming - blue and white tri-pod bombe' form censer. Pencil painted to the outside with scrolling peonies and foliage and around the neck and rim a geometric hatched pattern.
The three short legs are part of the body and unusually the pattern descends around and down them.
Excellent size and colour.
The shape and design makes the piece very stable on all surfaces. It would have been used on a family alter where it was filled with sand and 'jos sticks' placed into them.