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English creamware painted blue tea party tankard for James and Hannah Taylor dated 1783 (1782 England or Wales)

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pottery creamware ceramic earthenware

Width 4.50inch wide [11.43 cm wide]
Height 5.00inch high [12.70 cm high]
Depth 3.70inch deep [9.40 cm deep]


Birkett Collection London (retains label)


Dated in Blue, underglaze blue painted earthenware 1776 to 1800 by Lois Roberts and also Painted in Blue by the same author and published by the Northern Ceramic Circle.


Some historical wear, and no restoration.

Description / Expertise

A fine creamware painted blue pottery tankard from the "portrait" series and showing a couple having tea,the male figure smokes a long stemmed pipe. The tankard has the names James and Hannah Taylor and the date 1782, the names are also painted under the base of the tankard.This series of wares has defied attribution to maker and area. It has often been speculated that the origin is Yorkshire but to date no proof has been found to support this..
On the base of the tankard is an old paper label with the note in handwriting " James married Hannah Akroyd. James died in 1806.


gbp 2450.00 (Pound Sterling)